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Friday, 12 August 2011

Bizzy bizzy!

Well that's the 3rd Plus1 over with, everyone got a really good soaking on the first day (Weds) followed by a sunny and warm ride on day two (Bob's Lunch Run), so now they've sampled both types of NE Scottish weather. Today, its time to take the marquees down and pack everything up, then there might be sheep shearing, then there might be work, then I might head down to the National at Blairgowrie. Or I might get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and go then. Personally, I'd prefer going today but we have to wait and see what the weather holds in store.

Thanks to everyone who helped at the Plus1 - and thanks to all the entrants who braved the non-stop rain and chilly conditions to 'enjoy' the route we'd planned for you. Hope to get some of your comments and feedback forms back. Be seeing y'all again some time I hope.


Hairy Larry said...

Up late I see, or is it early morning over there? Got some pics just for Mrs. BC and you coming up in the next installment of my blog...hint, nothing to do with motorbikes, well at least those pics. Sounds like busy times, but that's good.

MrsBC said...

I'd like to see a more detailed report of the Plus 1 please. And how do I get onto Larry's Blog?


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