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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Happy Shed Day to Me


Well Saturday was a most exciting day. Slick was here first, bright and early, arriving as we were dealing with Flying Fred, who had escaped from the steading the previous afternoon. Before we had finished securing Freddie, Slick was huffing and puffing and shifting bits of shed around. Iain and his good lady, Mary turned up next, and while the boys lifted the first two panels to the site, Mary and I held them in place until they could be secured. The wind was quite strong so it was no easy task. The last time I was involved in doing something similar, the panel fell on me and broke my pelvis. Hence, when the back panel started to shift in the breeze, I was out of there! Captain Bill was soon on the scene, and bless him, he came bearing a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the culmination of Cubbie's Counties. Mrs BC had things to do, plants and seeds to tend to and cups of tea and coffee to make, and as I wasn't allowed anywhere near proceedings, I decided to get on with some strimming. Then Kawa arrived, although he was mainly here to help with the shed, the three guys had it all under control, so he set about fixing the van for us, and then the car. And then he moved on to inspecting Cubbie's valves and did all that teeth sucking thing, doubly so when he discovered the valve guides were, how shall I say, a tad slack. Um, oops. Funny, cos there hadn't been any rattling or other such nasty noises. At around 5pm, the guys asked where the roofing felt was. Well, I hadn't even imagined in my wildest dreams that A) they would get as far as requiring that, and B) they probably wouldn't want to do the roof even if they did get that far. So Iain sent me rushing off to B&Q to purchase 90metres of the stuff, good job Kawa went with me as we worked out between us that
we could cover the entire B&Q building with 90metres. Still ended up with 3 spare rolls (of felt, before you say anything), but there are always chicken houses and sheep sheds to patch up so it won't go to waste. So between them, they put the whole shed up and got it water tight, bar the door, which I'll have to make, and I got the van's alternator belt replaced and the boot lock on the car fixed, and Cubbie's head dismantled and diagnosed, so now all I've got to do is kit the shed out and move all my junk, er, bike bits and wood working equipment into it. Thanks Slick, Iain, Mary (she makes a good supervisor), Bill and Kawa. And over in New Zealand, good ol' Diggy was right all along, Cubbie does need a valve job. How he knew that from all those miles away I'll never know.


Anonymous said...

AAhh...Cubbie's Rest...and Skorpion

Anonymous said...

There was a mention somewhere about something you are going to do in 2011 are you going to enlighten us. Go on do tell.

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Well Mr or Mrs or Ms or maybe even Miss Anon, to tell the truth, I'm not 100% sure yet. There will be another Cubbie adventure, it will be based in Scotland as I'm not really all that into touring abroad - don't get me wrong, I like popping over to other countries from time to time, but Scotland has so much to offer, explore and experience. I don't know if people would get a bit fed up if I did the trip for charity again so we'll have to see about that. I don't actually have any firm plans yet so all I can say, is watch this space!

Mrs. B.C. said...

Where would we be without good friends? Thanks again to everyone.
We'll try and build the next one by ourselves!!

Anonymous said...

I see my bald spot is getting worse!
Must have been with all the head scratching getting the jigsaw together.
Mrs B.C. ? building another bike shed? Is she thinking of getting a bike ?.
Thanks for the grub Mary, what was the soup called, I forgot but it was very nice.

kawa said...

My plan worked well, arrive a bit later and hopefully the other folk will have the shed building under control, say I'll do a wee bit of work on the van, then grab forty winks while lying under it, sorted, lol.

Trip to B an Q was interesting, ever thought of Rally driving GBC??
Once there I was treated to a very good impression of a Basil Fawlty walk as someone I was with paced out 90 mtrs.Wont say a word about what happened after B an Q ;-)

Joking aside It was a good day, food was great, thanks again Mrs BC, well worth the wee run up :-)


ps what was that soup again?

Mrs. B.C. said...

Soup was lovage, boys. Glad you liked it. Very old medieval recipe, believed to have magical powers, so you'll both probably turn into pumpikns, which is great 'cause we can have some more soup.
No, Slick, I am not getting a bike. I need a large shed for tools and pots and trays and all kinds of garden paraphernalia. I might, however get a another horse one day, so how are you at building stables?

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

Pumpikn soup, mmmmmm, much nicer than pumpkin soup.

"Cubbie's Rest...and Skorpion Nest", I quite like that, looks like we're gonna have to have a naming competition for the shed, tee hee.

Darrell said...

Will you be installing a lift and compressor for the Cubbies servicing?

Gorgeous Biker Chick said...

I shall certainly be installing a bike lift - I have an old hospital bed for that very purpose. No compressor though...shed is full of junk already! :-(


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