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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Had enough yet?

Ok, have you had enough Haggis yet? Do you want the Ayr classic show piccies instead? I think you'll like them....lots of lovely lovely old bikes - saw a nice Cub there too. And some kind of Bantam Cub thing as well....not sure about that one....hehe. I've been a busy bee this hols, the weather has been braw so I've been out chopping trees down, cutting up logs, mending sheds and fences, finishing the shed base - all the usual stuff one does in the Christmas hols. Can't get my van back from the garage in time to go to work today, so I'll have to go to the club night's our famous Pool Competition tonight, complete with a mystery prize and this year, I thought we could have a few videos to watch too. Short Stan (did you read his latest comment? Looks like he's going to try and be less nasty to me this year) lent us his section's fancy projector and laptop setup - there y'are, he's being kind already! Had a few minor issues setting it up, namely, it needed a password (that somebody forgot to mention to me) and the speakers took a bit of understanding, but its a brilliant bit of kit, and I have to say, the Official Cubbie's Counties Video looks bloomin' good on the 'big screen'! It's a fairly short video, being part 1 and all that, but I've done a Spain video too and have a couple of others up my sleeve for the guys to watch.... 'Scuse me, gotta go catch a sheep then burn a couple of CDs.... Ciao for now....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great to see the video,great club nite,nise to see some unusual bikes,
whats next Cubbies uk, cubbies europe, cubbies world,cubbies?


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